Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stretching Images in Flex

I needed to do this today and I had to search a lot before I found the right article that explained it so I decided to share it.

If you need to put an image in your application and you want it to stretch/shrink to the size of the Image component, just change the image's 'maintainAspectRatio' property to false.

You can see the article where I learned this along with an explanation here.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Watchmen Sucks!

Five! That's the number of times I looked at my phone while watching Watchmen; I was checking the time, waiting for it to be 11 so I can leave.

The movie is utterly boring! It has no point, no time line, no clear story, and no plot! What's left? Graphics and special effects, I know, they were pretty awesome but that's it!

With all the buzz it's getting, I was expecting something extraordinary like Ironman, but oh no! I thought resident evil extinction was the worst movie but obviously not as bad as Watchmen, at least I didn't just wait for it to finish.

So, why does it suck? Humm... Let's see! As I said, first, there is no point behind it. The movie ended and I still don't get what the fuzz is all about.

Second, no time line, suddenly, they're showing some memories, then they're back to the future, without any indication like fading colors or something to show that it's a memory.

Third, no clear story, I still don't get how they started, who's against whom, why some left, why the comedian hates that other dude (the one he went to cry with), and many other things that I still don't get.

Fourth, no plot, well, where is it? There is no interesting part, everything is just dull.

And what made it worse is that every nude part is cut, even though, some has conversations in them that are crucial to the "story", they could have just blurred the part, but oh no! Just removing it is much easier.

All in all, it was just a waste of money and time.