Friday, November 2, 2007

Nodoka KDE Window Decoration

Today, I made a KDE implementation of Nodoka window decoration using DeKorator.

You can download it from Here.

It feels so good to contribute to a distro and then use whatever you've done.



hirakendu said...

Hi. Zillion thanks for the KDE version :D. Can you also perhaps post it on kdelook (or some site that googles up quick ;). Even the links on fedora's site are stale I guess.

Also it plays very well without any glitches. I am surprised that even so with beryl (and aquamarine window manager).

I love this theme.

Here;s my screenshot :

Mystinar said...

It's nice to finally have at least a little bit of Nodoka in KDE. Could you also see about making a Nodoka widget style for KDE?