Friday, February 27, 2009

The social web

I've been posting for a while about Connectiyo, which, basically, was supposed to be a social networking website and because of that, I've be abstaining from using many websites because I didn't want to make them grow and later compete against them.

Just recently, I abandoned Connectiyo so I'm starting to use a lot of websites that I didn't before.

And my fears were true: Things are messed up!

There are so many websites that do so many things, and the annoying thing is that it's hard to get them all to work together.

You'll say "There are websites like Plaxo and Mugshot that try to put everything together", that's right, they try to do that, but it's still not working; you still have your pictures scattered over flickr, facebook, and picasa, you still have your blogs posts scattered over blogger and facebook, you status is still hard to sync for every website you use has its own "What are you doing?" field and only few allow synchronising with other websites, and you still have your chat contacts scattered over yaho, msn, and gtalk.

Someone must do something about this, and one thing I'm sure of is that that someone is not going to be me; I don't want to create a website that'll end up to be another website to be merged with others rather than one that merges them all.

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