Friday, June 26, 2009

A Story That Touched Me

Today in church, after the worship, before the speaker starts his talk, a woman wanted to share something, she's from Iraq, it was related to the last hymn we sang which had to do with God breaking the chains.

Her son, an architect, after graduating from college, got excited so he started working on these big projects to make big profit, of course, that also means big risk.

His father and uncles advised him not to do that but he still did it anyway, he ended up losing a lot of money and borrowing money.

One day, one person he'd borrowed from wanted his money back, since he couldn't pay, he was arrested until he could pay.

Now, cells in Iraq aren't up to par, they're small with lots of people jammed into them, there are so many people that they can't sit so they'll fit, they have to stand. The toilet is in the cell itself. It's hot and dirty.

He was put in a police station in an area where there are no Christians.

His father and uncles didn't do anything 'cause they'd advised him and he didn't listen. But his mom went to the police station every day, once in the morning and once in the evening bringing him food and stuff, she even brought bibles and distributed to the people there, though they are Muslims.

Every time she asks her son to pray to God to get him out of trouble and every time he says to her "Don't tell me that, find me money!" and she'd tell him "Son! If only you pray! God can do anything, he can shake the foundations of this cell and set you free!"

After two weeks she said to him "If you want me to keep visiting you have to pray!" so he promised her he will."

Next morning, on her way there, when she was near the police station she saw a big crowd gathered.

When she went closer, one of the guards that knows her 'cause she goes there everyday told her "Saddam ordered that all prisoners are set free"--I remember the day that's happened.

It's really amazing.
Hallelujah! :D

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