Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hard Work and Success

I've always heard this about successful and rich people: They work hard.I hear that and I think "Well, everyone works hard, it doesn't make much sense".

That is until I read Home based Businesses You Can Start In Your Pajamas in 2010, I opened the article thinking it would make everyone their own boss and I wasn't wrong; you COULD start one of the businesses mentioned there, however, what really surprised me was that as I went through the list, all I could think of was "Nah, too much work!", "Nope, too complicated!", "Not really my thing", "Not in the mood for that", "That's a big headache", etc...

What gives? If you have an idea you should act on it, imagine if Lary page didn't do anything about PageRank idea, we wouldn't have had Google and he wouldn't have been a billionaire. If Donald Trump doesn't follow up on his deals they won't happen.


Ali Hassan Al Lawati said...

very nice idea,
it will save lots of lives of people we love and risk their life everyday in the road

but what will happen if a terrorist, or enimy hackers hacked into the system and caused all the cars crash into each other, that will be horrible

still with good security arrengment and powerfull software & hardware this thing will be greate

Laith J said...

Thank you Ali, there sure will be security risks to it, but hey, our traffic and energy systems nowadays aren't any better.

Have you seen Die Hard 4? You really should!

PS: I think you meant to post it here: ;)

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