Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm really confused

I guess the title explains it: I'm confused.

I just can't seam to commit to a project because I want to work on Deviyo, but when I do decide to work on Deviyo, I don't know where to start.

Maybe the idea of Deviyo needs to be narrowed down, at least in the beginning, that's what I'm thinking right now but, I don't know which part to start with, I don't even know what the parts are :(

How can you plan a big project like this? It seams impossible, but I'm determined to find a way, and with God's help I will.


Al-Maawali said...

What can I tell you, dude.

Before starting anything, you need to have a goal. What do you wan't to achieve? And when you figure that out, you shouldn't have trouble getting to where you want to go.

ljuwaidah said...

That's the problem: I don't know exactly, I have vague ideas but I can't make up my mind on how it'll be exactly.

I'll keep you updated as I try to make those decisions.