Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pleasure of programming!

Remember I said I got rejected by programming but I'll keep fighting for it? Well, today it finally started to work out: I was working on Claire, trying my best to create an application with OOP and I finally did it! I have two classes, one interface and one MXML file that all "work together in a magical way" :)

I'm so excited! If I wasn't so sleepy I'd be jumping all over the room like I usually do when I accomplish something.


Al-Maawali said...

Haha.. Congrats dude. Keep it up :)

Meteor said...

i guess i know this feeling

i'm taking a programming course this semester ( c++) and practicing and solving assignments is so much funnn!!!

we had a test 2day and it's completely different when you have a programming test or a physics or math test with programming no stress nothing but having fun doing the exam ;)

ljuwaidah said...

I'm assuming you're a computing student in SQU, am I right?

Meteor said...

no you are not
i'm not a COMPUTING student :)

ljuwaidah said...

I just assumed that because you said you have programming exams :/

Arkan Hadi said...

not only computing students take computing exams, .. programming is not taking by only computer science students, commerce students take programming languages, engineers from all disciplines takes programming courses (atleast in squ).